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              Company Profile
              MRT has a professional testing team and strong technical support, and has carried out relevant standard test certification for hundreds of products. With years of professional knowledge and rich experience, MRT employees have made continuous efforts to open up the markets of various countries for enterprises.





              Floor area [square]



              Number of countries certified

              With a large number of advanced equipment and independent testing laboratories, MRT provides all-round, efficient and accurate one-stop testing and certification services such as certification application, standard consultation, test service, technical support, rectification measures, etc., covering RF/Telecom, EMC, Safety and Energy, so that customers' products can quickly enter the international market through various levels of barriers.

              MRT adheres to the concept of "fair, professional, efficient, independent and efficient" to provide one-step service, which is oriented to solve customer problems and aim at customer satisfaction.

              MRT's service is in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC17025 international standard. And MRT has been respectively approved by CNAS of China, A2LA of USA and TAF of Taiwan.

              MRT Cultrue
              The most respected testing and certification service platform; The most professional and authoritative testing and certification service organization
              Provide professional, accurate, objective testing and certification services Become the preferred platform for public testing and certification
              Help customers achieve their goals while achieving the value of the enterprise
              Business philosophy
              Fair, professional
              Efficient, independent
              Management philosophy
              The company grows hand in hand with employees;
              Respect human rights, people-oriented and create enterprise value
              Sense of worth
              Responsibility, honor
              Honesty, cooperation
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